Blac Chyna is SHOCKING people with what she’s doing at Six 1/2 months pregnant

Blac Chyna is continuing to update fans on her second pregnancy via Snapchat videos! And aren’t you the lucky one to see it all play out?!

YES, that was sarcasm. Because ever since announcing last month she was expecting a baby with fiancé Rob Kardashian, the 27-year-old model has been abusing social media to give everyone a look at her pregnancy journey. And I can feel my IQ points just disintegrating with every new video.

She took to the app recently to share another short clip, this time of her talking to her unborn child as she shows off her growing baby bump.

Chyna says in the video, “Hey baby, what are you doing in there?’m only guessing by now she does know where babies come from and how it happened to her. Because on Wednesday, Chyna posted another Snapchat video, telling everyone she’s been having an easy pregnancy so far and it reminds her of when she was expecting her 3-year-old son, King, whom she shares with rapper Tyga.

If you guys were wondering, I’m actually having a really good pregnancy, similar to King’s. No morning sickness, no cravings, just baby!

Aww. (*Loses IQ points 129 through 115)

Chyna, however, did reveal she’s been really tired lately and no longer has the energy to put on makeup every day. “I would post so many more videos and pictures, but I just don’t have the energy,” she explained.

There go IQ points 114 through 85…

Even though Chyna said she’s been too tired to post as often as she would like, she and Kardashian have been documenting her journey for a six-part docu-series on E!, which also airs “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Goodbye, 114 through 85. Wait, didn’t they already drop? I can’t remember. And by the way, string and rocks are really neat.

According to E! Online, the working title for the show is “Rob & Chyna,” and it will follow their whirlwind romance, detailing their engagement to her pregnancy announcement. The short series will conclude with a separate special after Chyna gives birth. “Rob & Chyna” is expected to premiere this year.

And when it airs, us severely challenged-like persons will be sitting over here… playing with our Cheerios thinking about the color blue and stuff.

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Which way did he go, George?

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