OMG — Khloe Kardashian May FINALLY Be Pregnant!

khloe-promo-1  Another day, another report that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star famously struggled with infertility when she still blissfully wed to Lamar Odom, and according to reports, her long wait to have a baby may finally be over.

An insider told Life & Style magazine that Khloe has been busy “telling friends, ‘I’m having a baby!'” The source also said, “Khloe has wanted nothing more than to have a baby for so long. She thought it would never happen. So a pregnancy is a dream come true for her.”

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian’s little sister had her eggs frozen last year — which may mean that she’s not quite pregnant just yet. The insider revealed, “Some people think she may already be pregnant, but others say she’s still in the planning stage and alluding to her frozen eggs. If she is pregnant, the question is: who’s the daddy?”

Yet another source confessed that she may have skipped the frozen eggs altogether, and opted for the old-fashioned way — with her technically still legal husband Lamar. After his terrifying health scare late last year, Khloe put their divorce on hold.

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The second insider said, “Khloe loves Lamar and always will. She has been intimate with him since he’s recovered, and if she is pregnant, there is no doubt that this baby could be Lamar’s.”

However, a paternity test may be needed, as the first source let it slip that Khloe “has had fairly recent hookups with former boyfriends James Harden and French Montana” as well.

As much as we’d like Khloe to finally have the baby she’s always dreamed of, we’re taking these reports with a grain of salt. We’ll believe it when we hear an official announcement from the lady herself!

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