It’s Getting Ugly! Joseline Hernandez Accuses Stevie J Of Molesting His Daughter!

StevieJAndEva_article2  Just days after Joseline Hernandez announced her pregnancy with a baby bump photo, she is now coming forward to accuse her ex Stevie J of molesting his 4-year-old daughter. We realize Hernandez and Stevie J have some bad blood between them, but accusations of molesting his daughter with Mimi Faust, Eva, is going way too far!

Hernandez made her shocking accusation and Stevie’s former nanny, Lena James, corroborated her story. Lena claims she was fired after she spoke out about the sexual abuse.

All the drama began when Joseline took to social media to vow she would keep her unborn child away from Stevie J. She wrote, “Your dad was a child molester and so are you.” She latered deleted the post. She also called Stevie a “devil in disguise” and stated “you fantasize about sleeping with your own daughters…”

The former nanny went into detail about the sexual assault and claimed that Mimi Faust knew for two years “what was going on” with Stevie and Eva.

Lena posted on Instagram:
On Thursday evening, the Shade Room reported that they had an exclusive source claiming Joseline’s story is a lie and that Lena James (Mimi’s niece) was simply angry over being fired.
Faust then commented on the post, calling it “real journalism” and commending the site for being responsible.

#MimiFaust ain’t here for the child molestation rumors either

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