Stevie J makes a life-changing decision. For the sake of Eva, the reality star has decided to give up his..

StevieJAndEva4_article Stevie J Files Restraining Order Against Joseline Hernandez After Molestation Accusations

Now we all know that the cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” are doing any and everything to secure their spots for next season. Come on you have heard the rumors that they ALL were fired, but would that really make sense? Could they perhaps find a new cast to give us that chemistry that we tuned in for in season one? Or will they just cancel the franchise in its entirety and focus solely on New York, Los Angeles and the others ones they have in the works.

One thing is for sure, they are not going down without a fight. We had Mimi confess to getting in another relationship with a woman on the last episode. So we are expecting her to keep this relationship up longer than an episode for the upcoming season, but we will see. Though the biggest beef has been between Mr. Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. On the current season we see the cracks of their foundation really start showing.

Let’s keep it real, the cracks had been exposed long before this but they have seemed to reach new heights this season. Although thanks to social media the couple, (Or ex couple, hard to tell with these two) have upped the ante.

Joseline has accused him of sexually assaulting his own child while her mother Mimi (yes Mimi from the show) allows it to go on. They have both of course denied the allegations and continued on with the lives. Stevie is spending time with all of his children and posting it on Instagram. While Mimi partied with Kandi and Big Tigger recently. Kandi deleted the video off of our Instagram but someone managed to save it! those are some pretty crazy accusations to make on a man that you have been with for so long. We would have to side eye her if they were true for staying with him so long. She also was claiming to be pregnant, we have no comment on that. Either way he is outraged and thinks it’s best to say away from his “wife”. He took out a restraining order on Ms. Hernandez and she cannot come within 200 feet of him.

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