Stevie J makes a life-changing decision. For the sake of Eva, the reality star has decided to give up his..

StevieJAndEva4_article Stevie J Files Restraining Order Against Joseline Hernandez After Molestation Accusations

Now we all know that the cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” are doing any and everything to secure their spots for next season. Come on you have heard the rumors that they ALL were fired, but would that really make sense? Could they perhaps find a new cast to give us that chemistry that we tuned in for in season one? Or will they just cancel the franchise in its entirety and focus solely on New York, Los Angeles and the others ones they have in the works. Continue reading

Lawd… Wendy Williams’ diva attitude gets checked by the LAST person you’d think would say anything to her

Wendywilliams11_article8  Wendy Williams Put Her Foot In Her Mouth: Told Off By News One’s Roland S. Martin [VIDEO] Below

Last week, Wendy Williams called HBCUs and the NAACP racist during a “Hot Topic” segment of her talk show. Her comments did not go over well with the audience nor journalist Roland S. Martin, who called her out on News One. He appeared on Wendy’s show to school her! Continue reading

Iggy Azalea is going to be PISSED when she sees this! Nick Young’s pregnant side chick Keonna Green has just revealed

IggyAzaleaNickYoungKeonnaGreen3_article  Nick Young’s pregnant mistress, Keonna Green, sat down for an interview with US Weekly and confirmed Nick is the father of her unborn child. Green also said she does not feel guilty that she was having sex with Iggy Azalea’s then-fiance. She explains that she wasn’t the only other woman. So, that makes it okay?  Continue reading

It’s Getting Ugly! Joseline Hernandez Accuses Stevie J Of Molesting His Daughter!

StevieJAndEva_article2  Just days after Joseline Hernandez announced her pregnancy with a baby bump photo, she is now coming forward to accuse her ex Stevie J of molesting his 4-year-old daughter. We realize Hernandez and Stevie J have some bad blood between them, but accusations of molesting his daughter with Mimi Faust, Eva, is going way too far! Continue reading