Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill receive news of a WONDERFUL blessing! Congratulations!

NickiMinajMeekMill17_article1   There were reports this past week that Nicki Minaj, 33, and Meek Mill, 29, had called it quits for good. A source claimed Nicki grew tired of Meek always hanging out with the guys and not sharing her interests. The couple shut those reports down in a big way, moving into a mansion in Beverly Hills together.  Continue reading

Diddy And Cassie Split; Cops Called After Nasty Argument!

DiddyandCassie9_article   Diddy aka Sean Combs and his off/on girlfriend Cassie have called it quits following a heated argument that led to police being involved. The former couple, who have dated since 2007, began fighting in a vehicle in Beverly Hills after the 29-year-old singer said she wanted to breakup. Continue reading

Ashanti And Ja Rule Share Video Of Altercation With Police


JaRuleAshanti2_article1  rAshanti and Ja Rule were obviously pulled over by police sometime this week. The singer and rapper were enjoying an evening out when they were pulled over by a female police officer. Ashanti had been recording portions of their night out and left the camera rolling when they were stopped by a plainclothes policewoman.

Ashanti caught the incident on video and shared it with her followers on Snapchat. In the brief clip, the singer can be heard getting more annoyed at the officer. Ashanti questions the cop, asking, “Why are you asking us to get out of the car? I don’t understand why we have to step out of the car though. What is the problem?” Continue reading