Nicki Minaj Splits From Meek Mill; Dumped Him For Good?

NIK AND MEEKS  There have been tons of rumors about the status of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s relationship this past year, with the “Anaconda” rapper taking to social media to shut them down. However, it appears the couple have split for good!

Nicki and Meek have been together off/on for around two years. At one time, Minaj was even wearing what looked very much like an engagement ring. Nicki revealed that she wanted several rings and that the real deal would be an even larger diamond.

Minaj also was there for Meek when he was ordered to appear in court over violating his parole. The rapper was sentenced to house arrest, which came to a close in June. There were reports during his house arrest that the couple were having issues.

Nicki had set out on her world tour and wanted her freedom, while Meek was stuck in his Pennsylvania home.

One source claims that Nicki grew tired of Meek always hanging out with the boys, when she would prefer going out and doing more “refined” things.

An insider explained the situation, stating, “Nicki and Meek are not on the same page. Meek still wants to go to the hood, hang out with his boys and ride bikes. Nicki’s into refined things, like museums and fashion shows.”

The insider continued, “They both have similar pasts, so they hit it off. But Nicki is no longer in a ‘hood mentality’ and Meek is. One day he’ll grow up and maybe they’ll get back together.”

It certainly sounds as if the breakup was one-sided. The source adds, “Nicki wanted to leave, Meek wants her back.”

There have been reports that Mill is not sitting around licking his wounds, but instead has been hanging out with his baby-mama, Fahimah Raheem. That certainly won’t help matters if he truly wants to win Nicki back into his life.

Nicki’s career continues to flourish and she was recently named to Time’s 100 List, along with Adele, Leonardo DiCaprio and The Rock.

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