Ed Hartwell Claps Back At Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Outrageous Claims

KeshiaKnightPulliamEdHartwell10_article1   Ed Hartwell is responding to court documents filed by Keshia Knight Pulliam, where she claims he is “plotting to harm” her unborn child. Pulliam also accused her estranged husband of being mentally and emotionally abusive. 

Hartwell filed court documents in Fulton County, Georgia in response to Pulliam’s allegations. The former NFL star, 38, “emphatically denies that he has ‘purposefully misled’ anyone about [Pulliam]’s pregnancy.”

Ed also denied claims the 37-year-old “Cosby Show” star made about him attempting to “obstruct [her] pregnancy,” including engaging in “certain underhanded and unusual conduct that [Pulliam] believes to be designed to cause [Pulliam] to miscarry her unborn child.”

Pulliam never did actually go into details about what exactly Hartwell was doing to make her feel her unborn child’s life was in danger, but those are some really serious allegations.

The former child star also accused Hartwell of being “mentally and emotionally abusive.” She also said she believed he was sending her “threatening text message” from a phone number in Las Vegas.

Ed chastised his estranged wife in the documents, stating she “should be ashamed of herself for ever making such false and offensive allegations.”

Hartwell replied in the court filing, stating, “If either party has been mentally and emotionally abusive toward the other, it is [Pulliam].”

The court documents Ed filed reference Keshia’s “Entertainment Tonight” interview:

“The Plaintiff [Hartwell] emphatically denies that he has exhibited despicable character and egregious demeanor by giving interviews to the media for financial gain. The Plaintiff would like to remind the Defendant [Pulliam] that she is the person who sat for an interview which was aired over a two (2) day period following the filing of her Answer to this Complaint.”

Keshia announced on July 17, 2016 that she was expecting her first child, a baby girl. Hartwell filed for divorced just a week later. The estranged couple have been involved in a messy war of words since that time.

Hartwell was recently defended by his aunt, who had apparently had enough of Keshia’s accusations against her nephew. She hopped on social media and wrote, “You cook up this story of Ed doing and saying horrible things to you and trying to cause a miscarriage. Why the f**k were you on TV doing interviews… and not one mention of it.

“I hope they don’t fall for your foolishness. Sound like you didn’t get the sympathy you were dying for from that interview and had to cook up a bs story. Just move on with your life. This relationship was doomed from the jump.”

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