Tyrese put his foot in his mouth again!

Check around the 31 min mark

The band’s other member, Tank, showed his support for Ginuwine and blasted Tyrese. He wrote, “What’s crazy to me is that @ginuwine is the most accomplished artist in TGT but being talked bad about in this interview as if he hasn’t earned his keep! Sad what your brother will do to ensure he has more than you! TGT is a moment for music culture not a [expletive] measuring contest. TGT is a group not an individual effort but I guess everybody can’t buy in to a team concept when you don’t know what it is. TGT is no more because @tyrese feels he’s a better than me and G! Doesn’t have more hits, hasn’t sold more records, but somehow he’s better..smh We can’t even get to the second album before [expletive] start with this David Ruffin [expletive]! #NoLoyalty