[WATCH] Remy Ma Explains Beef With Nicki Minaj On The Wendy Williams Show

Remy Ma and Fat Joe made an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Friday, March 3, and Remy spilled the tea on the “Anaconda” rapper. Remy, who has now dropped two diss tracks about Nicki, insists that Minaj isn’t an innocent victim in this beef. In fact, Remy claims Nicki started the whole thing.
Remy and Fat Joe chatted with the talk show host about several topics before getting to the good stuff…the diss track “ShETHER.” Remy was asked why she targeted Nicki and she revealed that Minaj was actually the instigator.
Remy explained, “It wasn’t that she was targeted. [‘Shether’] was a response. She started. I feel that it’s weird because [Nicki’s] been doing this to a lot of females, from Lil’ Kim to Mariah [Carey] to Taylor [Swift] to Hannah [Montana], and no one says anything.”
Wendy was curious what Nicki did to warrant such a brutal diss track.
Remy explained, “It wasn’t necessarily the little subliminal stuff on records because I don’t care about records. It was the behind the scenes things that you people will never know about, as far as trying to keep me off red carpets or trying to make sure awards don’t go to me or she’s not gonna be in attendance or trying to get people to make bad reports about my album sales or just anything that I’m doing to make me look less and make her look better. When you’re trying to stop my bag, when you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children, then I have a problem with that.”
Remy went on to add, “This person, just from what I witnessed, is not a nice person. And if I learned anything, I have to be a certain way to everybody.”