T.I War Zone Video is a Must See


T.I. imagines what it would look like if the victims of police murders were white in the new “Warzone” video.

After last month’s “Will Not” visual, Tip has unveiled another video in protest of systemic racism in the USA. This one comes to his latest single, “Warzone,” which will appear on his next project, Us or Else, presumed to be entirely focused on similar content regarding civil rights.

The thought-provoking “Warzone” video documents not the killings of blacks at the hands of law enforcement but, rather, the unprecedented scenario of cops targeting everyday white folks. Viewers are taken through a few disturbing scenes, including reenactments of the killings of Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, and Eric Garner, only with white citizens playing the tragic victims. The video is a call to action for white people to wake up and witness the “Warzone” that exists in plain sight for minorities in this country.


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The “Warzone” video is presented exclusively by Tidal.